The soundtrack for "No Pain, No Gain" features a lot of great music from some talented up-and-coming bands selected from our extensive music search, as well as many original songs composed and recorded specially for the film. From the over 500 CDs submitted during the music search we selected 24 songs from 16 bands. The film features music from several acclaimed artists, including legendary country western singer Don Walser, pop-dance band Baila, urban rapper Marock, composer-pianist Daniel Walker, Brazilian rock musician Alex Puga's Over C and music virtuoso Terry Wollman, who also wrote the score for the film. Notably, the title track, "No Pain, No Gain," has both a pop and a heavy metal version in the movie. The film is as pumped with great music as its bodybuilding stars are with muscle.

Samuel Turcotte
Director, "No Pain, No Gain"




"No Pain, No Gain" Original Music Score

Terry Wollman is an accomplished producer, composer, arranger and guitarist. His versatility has led to handling music direction for dozens of diverse artists inlcluding Al Jarreau, Joan Baez, Eartha Kitt, Joe Walsh and "Weird Al" Yankovic. He has played guitar for Billy Preston, The Brazil Brasil Band and David Cassidy. As a music composer he has worked in television and film, as well as writing and producing two contemporary jazz albums.

Check out Terry Wollman's website.

"Determination,""A Little More Love," "No Pain, No Gain"

Baila is comprised of some of the industry's top musicians who have worked with everyone from Madonna and Phil Collins to Brian Eno and Little Richard. Baila's high-energy pop results in a diverse collection of songs with the singular vision to inspire the listener to get up and dance, regardless of musical style. They reach back to "old school" disco and funk, then fast-forward to alternative, techno and dance. Eclectic, yet approachable, Baila's music is warm, friendly and animated, for people who love life and the passionate rhythm of the human spirit. Baila's passion suffuses the music.

Check out Baila's website

"Battle Toads"

Composer Daniel Walker's music has been heard throughout the world on the concert stage and in recordings for the film and television industry. He has recorded in Berlin, Beijing and London as well as in his home base of Los Angeles. His film and television credits include feature films for HBO and Showtime, Sex & the City, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and The Annual Academy Awards Show.

Check out Daniel Walker's website.

"Yodeling The Blues"

Even in Texas country music circles, singer and guitarist Don Walser is regarded as unique. The songs Walser specializes in aren't exactly current; he sings classic old Western honky-tonk swing tunes. Winner of the 2000 National Heritage Award and a "Living National Treasure," Walser is a man on a mission: keeping the old Texas country songs alive. Songs like "Cowpoke," "Tumbling Tumbleweeds," and "Mexicali Rose" are signature tunes for Walser, who is also one of the country's premier cowboy yodelers. The "San Francisco Bay Guardian" fondly dubbed Walser the "missing link between Buddy Holly and the Butthole Surfers."

Check out Don Walser's website.

"Shock Me Baby"

Over C is a new rock band from Sáo Paulo, Brazil. With lyrics by Alex Puga and music by Angelo Bellizia, "Shock Me, Baby" was written especially for "No Pain, No Gain." Alex's sister, Juliana, who mentions the Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde as a major influence, lends her powerful, sultry voice to this catchy, straight-ahead rock song.

Check out Over C's website.

J.T. LONGORIA featuring Mario Cadena
"No Pain, No Gain"

JT is currently working as an independent producer and engineer for various record labels, production companies and original material bands. JT is a gifted composer and musician, playing keyboard, cello, violin, viola, guitar, bass and drums. JT has over 10 years experience in the recording industry. His reputation is built on "maintaining absolute quality and professionalism with everyone that he works with."

Check out J.T.'s website

"If It's Good"

Jerry Fuentes Jr. defines great, radio-friendly, mainstream pop rock. Born in San Antonio, Texas, he grew has written, produced and sung his own mainstream rock songs and soulful ballads since the age of ten. By the age of twelve, Fuentes was a fixture in the local San Antonio music scene, playing with his father as a duo. In the summer of 1995, and at the age of 16, under the psuedonym JFJ, "Coming of Age," was released with Fuentes having played every instrument on the album. His second record, "Top Secret," was released to rave reviews and creating packed shows in San Antonio and Austin. JFJ's self-titled third record was released shortly thereafter. He expanded to The JFJ Band (Matt Medellin - drums, Robert Garcia - guitar, Chris Brown - bass) and released the album "The Apartment." The single "Sold me out" has enjoyed over 300 spins on ClearChannel's KXXM Mix 96.1 in San Antonio. Now based in Dallas, Fuentes has new music on the horizon that will only prove to launch bigger and better things.

Check out The JFJ Band's website


The reclusive Marock moved from "the hood" to the Valley to fulfill his dream to be the greatest suburban rap artist of all time! Marock has consistently turned out hit after hit, including the chart busting single "Wonder Bread." Refusing to conform to the dictates of the gangsta record labels, he has self-distributed all his music on 8-track tape from the back of his powder blue 1977 AMC Pacer. The multi-talented Marock is rumored to be currently collaborating with Vanilla Ice on his life's work, a new rap opera entitled "I'm A White Boy Trapped In A Black Man's Body."

Check out Marock's website.

"No Resolution"

Hailing from Denver and formed in 1999 while the members were still in high school, Rightfully Accused set out to be the largest and loudest rock and roll show in existence. Their on-stage energy and overall performance is unique and instantly recognizable and always provide an explosive show. The Rightfully Accused sound might be a bit more difficult to place, yet always seems vaguely familiar. While not entirely retro, their sound and image still draw on familiar aspects of the best of rock music to push modern music to its limits. The band's first album, "LA or Bust," was recorded and released in the fall of 2001. This year the band has been back in the studio and completed two new singles with many more on the way building steadily towards another full-length album.

Check out Rightfully Accused's website

"Last Man Standing"

From Dallas, TX, Seven Story Drop is mainstream, radio-rock. In a world of fast-paced living and constant reality checks, Seven Story Drop brings forth rock music capable of relating to the emotions of ordinary everyday lifeSeven Story Drop brings a wide range of musical styles that showcases their ability to cover the entire spectrum of musical tastes. Seven Story Drop has shared the stage with such acts as Journey, 38 Special, Seven Mary Three, Sponge, Zac Maloy and Edgewater. They have been featured on Dallas' rock station 97.1FM "The Eagle" in 2004 with radio play, interviews, and radio sponsored live shows. Seven Story Drop was named one of Dallas' "Top 10 Bands" by Harder Beat Magazine in 2001, "#1 Band in Dallas" by Barstar.com in 2002 and was nominated for "Rock Band of the Year," "Rock Album of the Year" and "Acoustic Performance of the Year" at the 2004 Dallas Local Music Awards. Seven Story Drop released their debut album "Gravity" in January 2004.

Check out Seven Story Drop's website


"Time," "Last Man In The World"

Few bands have created such an appealing and unique sound that crosses such a variety of musical genres as Los Angeles alt-rock standouts Beyond 7. Vocalist Greg Stoddard's evocative lyrics, backed by guitarist Brian Stewart's torrid guitar riffs, paint the backdrop for songs that are instantly memorable. Not ones to shy away from guitar anthems, the songwriting duo draw on the grandeur of U2 and the melancholy of Coldplay to craft bright, rolling pop that is at once both majestic and vulnerable. Indeed, you may have already heard Stoddard and Stewart's well-crafted tunes in the Miramax film "Down to You" (which starred Freddie Prinze, Jr.) and the WB's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Check out Beyond 7's website.

"Ellie May Drove," "Throaty V"

Choking Ahogo is a rock band from Austin, Texas. The band has two albums, "Citrus" (2000) and "Radars and Maps" (2003) and performed at the prestigious 2004 SXSW music festival. A unique blend of American indie rock, britpop, and alt country, the band's sound has been characterized by its melody, noise and energy. In their words...

"Choking Ahogo is a stream of consciousness, images, stories about things and people who don't exist but sound a lot like you. Choking Ahogo is proud of it's music and ashamed for your to hear it. Choking Ahogo has been helped and screwed by people in "the business". Choking Ahogo is tongue-in-cheek, heart-on-sleeve, head-in-hands, chin-on-chest, bright-faced and red-eyed. Jaded and hopelessly hopeful. Choking Ahogo is fiction and dreams to music, blown out of proportion true life experiences. Slightly off. A car without wheels with wheels without tires with tires on fire. Choking Ahogo is a lot like you."

Check out Choking Ahogo's website.

"Decay," "Haters"

Deconstruct is a hard rock band from California whose music focuses on the darker side of life. The band formed in early 2003 and quickly earned a reputation as a devastating live act. Deconstruct was personally chosen by multi-platinum act Disturbed to open the "Music As A Weapon" tour, and has also opened for Iron Maiden, Dio, Motorhead, Def Leppard, Nickelback, Chevelle, Taproot and Puddle of Mudd. The band's second CD "The Human Condition - Act I" was recently released and is currently receiving airplay on over seventy stations nationwide.

Check out Deconstruct's website.

"Down," "Planet Dead"

JUGULUR hit the music scene head on with their "Power/Groove/Metal" grab-you-by-the-throat rocking intensity. With a melodic lyrical content woven throughout, their mix of metal, nu-metal and punk explodes on-stage or CD. JUGULUR delivers raw energy, great songs and awesome stage show production. Music Connection, Skratch and Skinnie magazines, along with LAMusicians.com and Antimusic.com, have all praised JUGULUR. They have appeared on many television shows, including MTV Icon, Dog Eat Dog, Live Edge, Farmclub.com and The Sharon Osbourne Show, as well as many radio shows across the USA.

Check out JUGULUR's website

"Kaos Amoung Us"

Kaos has developed a form of metal all their own. Their songs contain a brutal thrashing style, mixed with pure Bay Area power. They have created their own identity through their sound and certain way of playing metal. The music delivery has a heavy attack, an extremely aggressive vocal style, with a punishing guitar sound, crushing bass and superior drumming. In their words...

"The music portrays who we are and what we do. The songs that you hear are our tools...the very tools that we use to find ourselves. The tools that we use to reach out to you... Yes you, the very person reading these words. With these tools, we carve into stone the evidence to find, in our search for meaning, our deepest thought and our comprehension of the incomprehensible world of today. You have seen it! You have felt! A touch of our past to reach out to our future. You are a witness and you cannot deny what is going on around you. You ask yourself why. You are about to hear the answer. These are our burning scars. They burn us everyday...and that's just the way it is...until we rot away."

Check out Kaos' website.

"Mind Expansion," "Sami's Friend"

Nu-Clear is simply four guys who rock! Nu-Clear has played in front of more than 80,000 people at over 40 venues in the last six months alone. Nu-Clear's first CD, "ThreeSum," was released in October 2002 and followed by the August 2003 release of their second CD, "Fourplay." They have sold more than 4,000 CDs and won the 2003 SAMMIE (Sacramento Area Music Award) for best punk/rock band.

Check out Nu-Clear's website.


David Brock is behind the sonic mayhem of Pulse Faction. The independent project started back in 1997 with a computer, guitar and an EMU E4K sampler/keyboard. Since then the one man band has evolved into an independent label (Proletarian Records) and publishing company. Enter Pulse Faction's debut CD "The Celestial Hellgrounds", an autobiographical account of enduring chaos, adversity, and destruction. Currently music from the album has gone on to receive national awards (Artist Undiscovered Awards), outstanding reviews, and is featured worldwide in motion pictures, television, video games and radio.

Check out Pulse Faction's website.


Rivals is about celebrating life and music in a positive way. It combines rock, metal, hardcore, prog/post rock and indie to express their trials in self-discovery, making new friends, and together, finding the truth within ourselves. The heart of Rivals lies in their stage show. It's where everything comes together and the intensity is at its fullest. They feel the stereotypical band/fan relationship must be redefined and they are very much into connecting with and learning from their audience. The Rivals works tirelessly and are dedicated to their mission. They have a growing number of "Rivals soldiers" who believe in them, spread the word, and give them the energy to continue. For the Rivals, the fight is far from over.

Check out the Rivals' website.

"Themes of Crush," "Slow"

The Guest's signature sound is a hard driving, melodic, blend of the bands rock n' roll influences and each member's distinct personality. The band's approach to their music is faithful to the most basic premises - it's all about the songs and putting on a great rock show. The Guest's music truly moves their audience. The chemistry of the four band members is undeniably the driving force behind the songs.

The Guest was originally formed in the east Texas town of Texarkana, but now reside in Austin, the "Live Music Capital of the World." They have recorded three albums: the self titled first album, "The Guest;" a six-song EP; and their latest full length CD, "Leaving It All Behind."

Check out The Guest's website.

"Too Late"

Turning Point's music speaks to fans of pop, rock, metal and punk. Their style exudes rock and roll and every live show is another opportunity for them to display their raw talent. With the whole band under 20 years of age, they can only improve. Their accomplishments so far include recently releasing a self-titled full-length album, chosen to be on 98 Rock's 10th Sac Rocks disc, band of the month on www.cabands.com, as well as simultaneously being band of the month for 98 Rock's "Local Licks". They have a large fan base and incredible street team. Ready to take their music careers head on, they are humble and feel that the greatest thing is to be able to affect others in a positive way with their music.

Contact Turning Point.

"Another Day"

Ugly Buzzard is a rocking new band emerging from the depths of San Jose, California. With a style ranging from hard rock to funk to surf rock, Ugly Buzzard's sound still maintains high commercial appeal. The strength of Ugly Buzzard is their live show. They are loud, they are rocking, and they bring down the house with original music and lyrics that move you. Ugly Buzzard has effectively combined talent and creativity in the production of their first self-titled album, Ugly Buzzard, released January 2004. Their twelve-song album has crossed musical boundaries to create a wall of sound that penetrates the ears and soul of the listener. And their lyrics mean something. Their songs tell stories about Life, Love, Sex, Friendship, Loss, and of a pissed-off dog eating another dog. The message of the band is simple: "Play, Party, and Live hard!" Not a bad motto for this up and coming trio that will blow most bands right off of the stage.

Check Out Ugly Buzzard's Web Site

"Crush," "American Made"

They're loud, they're from LA, they're patriotic and they definitely rock!

Check out USA Rocks' website.



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